Reinventing Your Supply Chain


Aphena can take care of all of the material needs for your product.

With a vast and qualified supplier network and strong supplier relationships, we can save you time and money in sourcing and material management.

Supply chain management also includes:
  • Complete MRP system for managing requirements
  • Complete warehousing services
  • Complete inventory management, even for your consigned items
  • Full-service domestic and international logistical services
Our purchasing team's buying power, attention to quality and experience will provide you with a turnkey product at a competitive price. Turnkey services allow clients to place inventory with confidence, minimize turnaround time and maintain just-in-time product quantities. Services include mail order facilitation, warehousing, bulking, packaging, labeling and reporting. Aphena stands ready to meet your commercial needs for:
  • Mail Order Facilitation
  • Warehousing
  • Private Label Design
  • Reworking
  • Fulfillment
Corporate Office: 1-866-465-4506