Reinventing Your Supply Chain


Turnkey Solutions for Packaging and Repackaging

Aphena provides clients with a full range of solutions to address their pharmaceutical packaging and manufacturing requirements. With our continued investment in technology, advanced packaging systems and rigorous cost control, we can deliver solutions that are highly cost effective as well as comprehensive. Through every step in the development of a product – including concept, manufacturing, packaging and distribution – we provide clients with services and solutions to help ensure a successful product launch.

Our team of seasoned experts collaborates with clients and addresses every aspect of their product. We partner with clients to develop the solutions they need to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, and we're committed to delivering an end result that is on schedule and cost effective.


Aphena includes one FDA-inspected solid-dose packaging sites and one FDA-inspected liquid manufacturing and packaging site.

Supply Chain

Aphena customers enjoy reduced cycle time, cost and resources associated with inventory handling.


Aphena customers enjoy reduced cycle time, cost and resources while maintaining control of information.


Aphena Pharma Solutions is a group of companies that have joined forces to provide comprehensive solutions.
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