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Press Release:
February 2012

Aphena Pharma Solutions Supports Highlands Initiative in Tennessee

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Philadelphia-based Aphena Pharma Solutions Inc., a leading pharmaceutical packaging provider in the U.S. with a manufacturing facility in Cookeville, Tenn., has recently made a major investment in support of the Highlands Initiative, a strategic alliance between Jackson, Overton, Putnam and White counties in Tennessee.

"We feel strongly that the Highlands Initiative is worthy of our support because they have made, and are continuing to make, great strides in growing the economic climate for business and industry in the four-county Highlands area," said Aphena Chairman Bob Allen. "They do this by bringing in people and jobs and training and developing the current and future workforce, thus helping the entire region to thrive. And since one of our major plants is located in Cookeville, which is part of the Highlands, when the Highlands thrive, we thrive."

The Highlands Initiative was started in 2005 to accelerate economic and community development among its member counties. The plan is administered by the Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce, which is guided by a four-county Highlands Initiative Steering Committee along with several subcommittees made up of business leaders and educators from throughout the Highlands community. The plan has raised millions of dollars from private and public sectors, and other neighboring counties have a standing invitation to join the Highlands.

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