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Press Release:
September 2014

Aphena's DEA Class II packaging and storage capabilities provide value with new FDA/DEA regulations

As many in the pharmaceutical industry are aware, recent revisions to DEA regulations effective October 6, 2014, require reclassification of hydrocodone products from Class III to Class II.

Aphena is well equipped to make this transition as easy as possible, offering more than 10 years' experience with packaging and storing Rx and DEA controlled-substance products — including Class II products — for commercial and government customers.

We provide DEA-approved vault storage, dedicated packaging lines and full logistical assistance to help you maintain compliance and distribution for your Class II products.

Our experienced team has a firm understanding of the process, regulations and quotas involved in meeting Class II regulations, meaning we can handle all of the required documentation and communications for you. And, to help facilitate the conversion of existing products, we offer repackaging and overlabeling expertise.

Don't go it alone and put your company at risk — visit or call Aphena now at 1-866-465-4506 to get ahead of the curve before the October 6 deadline.

Corporate Office: 1-866-465-4506