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Press Release:
September 2014

Aphena to Help with DEA Class II Needs and More at Contract Pharma Conference

Aphena Pharma Solutions is looking forward to seeing you and discussing your pharmaceutical, med device and OTC contracting needs this Thursday, September 18, 2014, at the Contract Pharma Conference, booth #10, in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Brunswick, N.J.

  • Come and meet our Pharma Business Development associates to find out what is new at Aphena.
  • Discuss your needs for DEA class II packaging with the changing regulations for hydrocodone products.
  • See how Aphena provides a variety of packaging formats and options to be a full-service supply partner to our customers.
  • Learn how Aphena is enhancing our Maryland site for more comprehensive blending and packaging for liquids, suspensions and lotions.
  • Share your challenges and target goals for your third-party sourcing while considering compliance, GDUFA and cost containment.
  • Find out how Aphena is winning new customers with our value-added production methods and KPI.

For more information about Aphena in the meantime, visit or call us now at 1-866-465-4506

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