Reinventing Your Supply Chain


Using leading-edge equipment, state-of-the-art technology, customer-focused performance, experience-based expertise and with need-based solutions, Aphena offers services in the following areas:

Enabling pedigree compliance
Aphena uses ePedigree software to combat drug counterfeiting and regulate supply chain visibility and security. Pedigree is a documentation process that enables a single view of a product's history for drug authentication. The pedigree tracks custody of the drug as it passes through the supply chain. The ePedigree software allows Aphena to comply with Florida, California and federal pedigree requirements while optimizing business operations with commercial customers.
Securing your trust, protecting your inventory
Millions of units of use per month can be processed through our facilities, but Aphena ensures a small order will be treated with the same care and priority as a large order. Responsiveness includes communicating accurately and as often as the client desires. Through data exchange, clients can keep abreast of information at any point in the information stream. Precise tracking allows for identifying any item's location during the process.
Putting our technology, innovation and experience to work for you
Aphena's capabilities expand to meet your specifications because the company constantly puts innovation and technology to the task. The company's strength lies in management's ability to understand clients' unique environments and create dynamic solutions, which often result in original technology to meet a challenge.

Once products are ready to ship, Aphena handles distribution with utmost efficiency. Because our plants are situated across the eastern U.S., we are logistically and geographically positioned with access to the nation's major transportation lanes and carriers. Over 75 percent of the U.S. population can be reached within a day's drive, which means reduced freight costs and supply chain simplification for our clients.
Corporate Office: 1-866-465-4506