why Aphena?

We’re fast. we’re capable. We’re Agile. and We’re responsive.

Aphena Pharma Solutions, Inc., stays ahead with continued investment in technology
and packaging systems. We adapt quickly to every need to help you win market share.

we're fast

Aphena is equipped to speed your product to market.

Because of our many years of experience, Aphena offers realistic product launch timelines with no learning curve and provides fast and constant communication on costing proposals. We quickly implement new designs and layouts and leverage our buying power to minimize lead time on materials, which means we’re always ready to spring into action on any size project.

we're capable

Aphena has the widest range of technology and delivery systems.

While most competitors offer either solid dose or liquid packaging, Aphena offers both. And because we have a very large selection and inventory of tooling, in most cases we already have 80 percent of the tooling required for a new project. This allows us to take you from concept to completion to commercial with the flexibility to handle any scale of batch run, from the smallest to the largest.

we're capable

Aphena offers the most adaptable turnkey services.

With qualified and experienced project management teams, extensive knowledge and buying power, an in-house tooling and die shop and a full analytical and micro lab, we’re equipped to develop your formulation, handle your R&D batches, validate the process and scale up for full product launch.

we're responsive

Equipped for projects of every size and complexity, we will grow with you.

Whether your company’s needs are big or small, Aphena is primed to grow with you, handling everything from simple packaging jobs to full product development. We constantly put innovation and technology to the task, expanding our capabilities to meet your specifications. And with redundant packaging lines and tooling systems to help with lead times and flexible changes, we can handle almost all of our customers’ product lines at one of our locations.